Sunday, 11 October 2009

Cheapest Petrol?

This is a rather unlikely looking picture of a petrol station that I regularly pass. Unfortunately, the prices aren't as generous as they seem - there's a missing pound sign hidden by the angle of the shot (you may have to view the image full sized - I think my HTC Magic Android phone's seriously brilliant generally but the camera isn't by any stretch of the imagination a good one I fear, especially when taking photos from the top deck of a bus :-)).
Despite the fun thrill of seeing a petrol station offering petrol at only a penny and diesel for tuppence, this petrol station is still one of the cheapest around with both 'only' a bit over a pound (approximately ~$1.50 at current exchange rates).

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Snow Days Are Here

Well, England has had its worse day of snow for 18 years this week with more to come apparently, and as usual, the country grinds to a halt. Although, in fairness I have to say the local traffic conditions I was involved in were actually rather good. The oblivious student who dashed out right in front of our bus was the luckiest person I know of - the bus managed to brake before he was hit, and didn't skid.

Now, you're saying 'Where are the great snow scenes?'. Unfortunately, while there were some really cool (sorry!!) scenes on the way to work and when I got home, my phone's camera wasn't playing ball and while I was going to take my proper camera with me to work, the snow had, by and large, disappeared by the following morning! It's this fact that indicates why England in particular of the countries in the UK seems to get taken short whenever we get a decent snow fall; it's not a regular occurance so the local authorities can't afford to keep the specialist equipment around in the less severe decades.

With climate change an acknowledged phenomenon, though, the British Isles are slated to get cooler in the near to medium term so we might be seeing more of these colder winters...